Latest prints

Printed fabrics have started arriving at home which is *very* exciting. Just got to re-learn how to use a sewing machine now to actually do something with them. My mates will shortly be receiving some wonky cushions covered in squid so I can practice. Hope you're all ready... *


Puffins <3

I went on a boat trip to the Farne Islands with some pretty excellent friends of mine. Spent quite a long time sketching the puffins there....and I think I'm in love with them. So wobbly and ungainly - they may be my spirit animal? Anyway here's some of the stuff that's inspired by that weekend. … Continue reading Puffins ❤

New patterns

I've found a new favourite thing -- making patterns on my lunch break. These are made up of doodles that I have been squeezing in over breakfast and on the way to work. They've been really quick and stupid I'm still a little bit a lot in love with them.

Pug life

I've been experimenting with repeating patterns and I am *in love*. Just look at all these endless little cuties. Here are the original drawings. I mean, I don't know about you, but I think they are ripe for printing onto a huge soft t-shirt..... Watch this space *

New inspiration 

The best inspiration for illustrated journaling is a new city, without fail.  This weekend I'm in Oslo, with its blue skies and silver water and polite inhabitants. It's fascinating to look at, to just drink it all in. It's got medieval architecture and pine forests, white stone and coloured brick, sculpture gardens and glass office … Continue reading New inspiration 

Blank time

There is just nothing sweeter than a blank Sunday afternoon, waiting to be filled with a sketchbook and Tom Waits on repeat. It happens so so rarely, but just a completely clear afternoon with no commitments to anything is a dream. Nine hours with nowhere to be, no phones to answer, no trains to catch. … Continue reading Blank time