The best times to draw

art, Sketchbook



  • At 6.30am when you haven’t really woken up yet, or looked at your phone, or put the kettle on, or even had time to think about it and get scared of the blank piece of paper. You just reach out and get the paper, bring it into bed with you, start making shapes. Works especially well if you don’t bother putting your glasses on either.
  • At breakfast. Draw the avocado as you eat it, because you spent too long finishing your 6.30am effort and now you’re late for work.
  • On the back seat of the bus, when it’s not too crowded and no one can look over your shoulder and make you self-conscious. Draw the back of other people’s heads without them noticing. Realise how ugly the interiors of most buses are.
  • On your tea break.
  • On your lunch break.
  • While waiting for dinner to cook.
  • On the train home. Watch beautiful scenes flash past the window, then draw your water bottle instead.
  • While watching TV. Sure, you could just sit back, relax, and stick Corrie on, but the evening will be much more entertaining if you draw your feet/snack/housemates at the same time.
  • On Sunday mornings. Hungover. With coffee and beans.
  • On Friday nights, when you could have gone out but felt like drawing a picture of an octopus instead.
  • Before you go to sleep. Draw out the day you’ve just lived. Draw something you’re proud of and make a bad day feel like it was worth it. Draw something weird and brighten up a boring day. Draw something a bit rubbish because you’re so tired you can’t feel your face. Wake up at 6.30am and repeat.

The best way to find out if you can do it is to do it.



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