A gift to your future self

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I considered my options.

There was only one, I knew. There was always only one.

To keep walking.

20 (2)

So Liz Gilbert talks about this idea of forging a relationship with your future self. And I’ve been thinking about it a bit, how I feel about future me.

Future me looking back on current me, hopefully thinking: “Well done. That was great. You handled all that pretty well, you’ve got this.”

Liz reckons that by working stuff out now, you are setting yourself up great for the future. Helping future you out – a person who looks and feels differently than you do now. I can get on board with that.

Getting through the day might be quite hard this week, this month, this year, but by doing it, you’ve laid a tiny bit more groundwork for the future. You’ve got a tiny bit more confidence in the bank, worked through the dregs of a few more difficult emotions.


Equally, by drawing hundreds of quite bad drawings, or half good drawings that you don’t really like, you eventually get to a good one that you’re proud of. And then an even better one. And suddenly, you’ve put in all the groundwork to be a *good* artist.

You are building up this bank of YES I CAN DO THIS for future you to draw on.

Basically, what I’m telling myself is that it’s OK to repeatedly declare ‘I’ll be an illustrator one day’, all while scribbling some nonsense in a sketchbook that is varying degrees of great. Because if I keep doing it, I’ll just eventually get there. Because it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.

Am I trying to say that practice makes perfect? ….Maybe that’s all I’m trying to say.



5 thoughts on “A gift to your future self

  1. Never let go of your dreams! Open your heart to the Magnificent Universe, and right here, right now, envision very clearly how you want to be in the future, and who you want to be! Let the Universe handle the details! Love the pigs! 😍

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I’m definitely trying to do that and trust that the details will work themselves out in the long run – that’s a good way of thinking about it x

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