A new adventure

art, Illustration, Sketchbook

I’m doing a new thing: drawing every day. I’m on day 13 and I’m finding it a hugely challenging and rewarding thing to have a go at.

day 12

I’m finding that I manage to squeeze drawing into every tiny nook of spare time I can. I have CREATED extra time I didn’t think I could lay my hands on. I have been drawing on the bus, in bed at the end of the day, on my lunch break, on my living room floor. And it’s only week two.

Some of what’s been produced has been a bit scrappy, not something I would ever normally whack up on the internet. But the idea is to engage in the process of creating stuff, to make sure I do it every day and to prioritize something that’s really important to me – something that I have sacrificed in the past because work has got busy or family commitments override everything else.

Anyway, if you get a minute then definitely pop by and have a look.

I’ll be posting the best stuff on this blog intermittently. If you are a tweeter, you can also track my progress here.

Anyone else attempted something similar?

Day two


6 thoughts on “A new adventure

  1. I particularly liked the part about squeezing the extra little time u wouldn’t have ordinarily used its quite inspiring and it leaves me wondering how much more productive we would be if we paid attention to those weeny tiny extra seconds i that lazily sips by during the day.

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